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What Are the Different Types Of LED Area Lights?

by Alexander

The led area lights are the real vibe. The rugged, durable, and extensively useful LED area lights are soaring high in the market for all the right reasons. Used in areas like schools, airports, and commercial and industrial setups, these area lights have replaced the conventional lighting system.

This blog post educates you on the types of led area lights. Keep reading to learn about these types in detail.

Types of LED Area Lights

LED area lights by Revolve LED are of two basic types. These types have a lot of options to select from. The two types are;

LED Parking Lot Lights

Revolve LED offers you a variety of LED area lights, like LED parking lot lights. As the name indicates, these lights are particularly used in parking lots. You may sense the intensity of light required to illuminate the parking lots. The led parking lot lights are;

Focused and Intense

These lights, with a huge magnitude and intensity, are the most suitable for parking lots. They are big enough to brighten up parking lots to increase visibility. Available as pole mount lights or shoebox, these are the best outdoor lighting solution for areas like parking lots where you need more and more light.

Zero Maintenance

Performance, brilliance, light control, and efficiency combine to make the wonder LED parking lot lights. A combination of o many pluses eliminates the chances of maintenance. These lights do not cost you extra bucks on maintenance and repair.

Light Control

Revolve LED specializes in providing you with a technically designed product. Having command over light control, these LED parking lot lights offer you a wide range of lumen output, wattages, beam distribution, and controls.

Energy -Efficient

These parking lot lights are the best alternatives to conventional halides. They reduce energy consumption by a staggering 70%.

Fit for the parking lots of shopping malls, schools, commercial and industrial setups, and many other notable wide spaces, these lights ensure safety and deter the bad guys from getting into your premises.

LED Street Lights

LED area lights are further categorized into LED street lights. Nobody can dare deny the importance f street lights. No street lights and your movement is ceased! Thee led street lights, like the parking lot lights are equally capable of doing a lot.

These lights are energy efficient and reduce electricity costs many folds. With a terrific light control, these too are available in a wide range of wattages, lumen output, controls, and beam distribution.

The street lights ensure safety with their improved visibility. The clear, clean, and bright light is a source of comfort for the passengers on foot and by cars. Expect a range of varieties from Revolve LED streetlights.


The right light, the right type, and the right place make a bombastic combination. After reading the blog post, you must have made the plan to replace your old lighting with the new, strikingly efficient, and phenomenal LED area lights.

Revolve LED has combined performance, control, toughness, and aesthetics to design energy-efficient and smart lighting solutions. Give them a try, and you won’t regret it!

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