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Maximizing YouTube Channel Impact: Transcribing Videos For A Wider Audience

by Alexander

As per recent stats, more than 51 million channels exist on YouTube. But the only issue many experience is low reachability to a wide audience. The main reason is that many people don’t like to see videos; instead, they want to read information.

Apart from this, there are instances the people who watch your videos are deaf. This ultimately leads you to low-level engagement and low audience reach. You don’t need to worry; you can transcribe youtube videos on the go. Transcription means converting the audio of the YouTube video into text form.

This way, you can capture the attention of the deaf or those with hearing impairments. You can also use this text to promote the SEO of your video or use the text as subtitles. Ultimately, this will help you reach a wider audience by letting search engines know the content type.

A plethora of software exists when transcribing YouTube videos to text. The one which offers incredible benefits in comparison to others is EaseText. Wondering how? Discover more on this remarkable piece of software right below.

What Makes EaseText The Best Transcription Software?

A series of perks makes EaseText stand out from the rest. The notable perks are:

Super Convenient

The EaseText software is highly convenient and super simple to use. You don’t need to acquire special skills or experience before using this software. The highly intuitive software guides you through each step to utilize it effectively. The guiding interface of the software makes it highly user-friendly. Even a non-specialist person can use this software on the go.

Realtime Transcription

The EaseText software works offline and allows you to transcribe the videos in Realtime. Artificial intelligence-based algorithm contributes to the effectiveness of the software. This prevents you from manually transcribing the video, which is a lot of time-consuming.

Unmatchable Accuracy

Accuracy is a paradigm when it comes to quality transcription. You don’t need to edit or proofread extensively the transcription you are going to get through EaseText. This feature is incredible, as you don’t need time to tweak the text accuracy. It opens up the freedom to use your transcription in business meetings and official vicinities.

Support 24+ Languages

You don’t need to worry about the language of transcription. EaseText offers support for over 24 languages. The critical languages include English, Chinese, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Kazakh, Uzbek, etc. It allows you to transcribe the specific text in any language you want. This way, you can cover a diverse audience with varying language possibilities. The more than 24 languages support play a significant role in strengthening the reputability of EaseText.

Quick Operation

Today people need quicker solutions. No one has enough time to spend on useless operation that takes up much time. The EaseText software allows you to convert YouTube videos to text instantly. You don’t need to wait for long. It can help you put your crucial time into other activities. This feature adds up worth to this software.

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