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Fun Facts About Lumber Round Wood White Oak

by Alexander

The lumber round wood white oak is one of the most popular woods in the construction industry and woodworking community. The wood has a long history intertwined with human history, as they go as far back as being used as planks for Viking ships. It is also used as interior panelling in the UK’s House or Commons, while the branches feature in the Estonian coat of arms. There’s no doubt oak has many advantages to have been an important part of woodworking for all tese centuries.

What are the types of oak?

There are over 600 extinct species under the same genus family with today’s oak. The majority of oak trees are found in China, North America, Africa, and Europe. There are unique differences in these species of oak trees but they all share the same strength and durability.

What is the density of oak wood?

Oak wood has a greater density than that of pinewood. It has a density of 0.75 g/cubic centimeters. It is this high density that makes it durable and strong. To understand how dense the wood is, pinewood’s density is almost half that of oak wood. Pinewood has a density of 0.43 g/cubic centimeters.

Is oak wood a national symbol?

Many nations of the world recognize oak wood as a national symbol. For example, the oak tree is the national tree of England and used in the construction of the country’s house of parliament. It also acts as an emblem in nations like France, US, and Germany.

Is oak a sacred plant?

Major ancient European cultures take oak tree as a sacred plant. The Italians associate the tree with the gods. The Romans believe the rustling leaves of the oak to be the voice of Jupiter. The Greeks also equate the plant as sacred in reverence of Zeus.

What’s the lifecycle of the oak tree?

Oaks produce their first acorns only after twenty to fifty years. As the oak tree ages, it can produce about 2,000 acorns each year when it is about 100 years old. The amazing part is that only 1 in 10,000 acorns would ever become a oak tree. Oak trees have been known and recorded to live for more than 800 years.

What’s the biggest oak tree ever recorded?

One of the biggest recorded oak trees grew to a height of 45 feet and 35 feet wide. It has a crown with a large diameter of 90 feet. This particular oak tree is located in Goose Island State Park.

Is oak tree suitable for store wines?

Oak wood is a preferred choice for making wine storage drums. The wood is known to add a unique taste, color, and smell to the drinks. Alcohol drinks stores in oak wood include whiskey, red wines, scotch, and brandy.


Oak wood is one of the most important wood in construction and wood making. Humans have been using the wood for centuries because of its strength and durability. They have one of the highest densities and can withstand different weather conditions. Oak trees are chosen as national symbols in many top European countries and as a sacred plant in Italian, Greek, and Roman cultures. They are a preferred wine storage material because they enhance the taste, smell, and color of taste.

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