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Awesome Features of Uwell Caliburn Vape Model Series

by Alexander

Uwell is one of the most popular vape brands in the market, mainly because of its distinct flavors. Their primary focus and specialty are with flavors, which gives them a unique touch to distinguish them from other vape kit brands. Uwell has approximately ten vape series starter kits, the top-selling and most popular being the Caliburn vape model series.

Their vape models have brilliant designs and outstanding features, making them a top brand most vapers love. The Caliburn series, however, is what Uwell is best known for, as their top starter kits are from the series. Since its first brand release in 2019, it has seen a lot of growth in design and taste.

The Uwell Caliburn Vape Model Series

Below is the evolution of the Caliburn series, with its unique features and functionality levels.

1. Caliburn

This vape is the first Caliburn model which hit the market in 2019. It has a more traditional organic cotton in the coil that gives an excellent flavor despite being an early release. After its release, it immediately became trendy among vapers and stood out amongst all models released that year.

2. Caliburn KOKO

It is one of the fastest-released products in the market that was in trend during its release. Its drawing design got the company a lot of attention and sales, which is still firm today. The tank has 1.2ohm coils, 11 Watts of power output, and was one of the major breakthroughs in Uwell.

3. Caliburn G

This series is still one of the most popular since they switched up the design to fit trending pods in the market. Some consider it the best vape in the Caliburn Series. It is the first model in Uwell to be laced with the sub-ohm technology with a power wattage of 18W.

4. Caliburn KOKO Prime

This model has a more stylish exterior, which is its most unique feature. It is a subtle improvement to the initial KOKO version, with 1ohm and 0.8ohm coils and a 2ml volume capacity. The Maximum Power output is 18W.

5. Caliburn A2

Although it has a simple outer design, A2 is one of the top models in the Caliburn series. It has a fuller and distinct flavor and a draw-activated firing feature. The battery capacity is at 520mAh with a 15W power output.

6. Caliburn AK2

This model has magnetic cartridges, with the same features as the A2 vape kit. It is, however, designed in a blue square shape, which is significantly bigger than all the other vape kits.

7. Caliburn G2

G2 is arguably the highest quality of pods, even beyond the Caliburn series. Its primary distinguishing features are adjustable airflow, vibration interaction, and coil compatibility. The battery capacity is 750mAh with an output power of 18W and interchangeable 0.8 and 1.2ohm coils.


The Uwell Caliburn series is one of the most prominent vape models in the market that are favored by many, if not all, vapers. Although their functionality features are standard to the market, it has a range of flavors with fuller clouds and smoother taste. This element makes them a popular choice for many, in addition to the unique outer designs in some versions. They are an essential vape starter kit all vapers need to have.

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