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Advantages of using an RK 3588 Development Board

by Alexander

RK 3588 is a well-known ARM Cortex-A7 CPU board. It is utilized for IoT projects due to its low cost, high performance, and Android and Linux support.

The RK 3588 development board supports a variety of peripherals, including WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, 4G LTE, and GPS. If you need an rk 3588 board, you should go now for it because of the following benefits:

It’s powerful

The RK 3588 boasts a 1.8 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7 processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB eMMC storage (expandable via microSD card slot). This makes it ideal for running Android and Linux applications without bottlenecks or lag.

Its Versatile

You can connect the RK 3588 to your PC through USB connection or via HDMI monitor (VCP mode). The latter option allows you to simultaneously run Android and Linux programs on your computer monitor!

It uses an open source software

Including the Linux kernel and U-boot bootloader, all software on this device is open source. This indicates that all source code is open for review and modification by anyone with adequate programming or hardware design knowledge to tailor it to their own needs.

Low Cost

This device’s price is exceptionally affordable in comparison to other similar products on the market today (such as Raspberry Pi). This makes it excellent for students who wish to learn how to program in C/C++ or Java without spending a lot of money on equipment or hardware components that may not be necessary at this level of their education.

Compatible with any software

The RK3288 is compatible with nearly all applications and software, including Kodi, Netflix, and YouTube. Even your existing remote control can be used to navigate the full UI.

It Has Greater RAM than other Chipsets

The RK3288 features 2GB of GDDR5 RAM, thus it can play 4K videos without any issues. 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM versions of this chipset are also available (both have 16 cores). The only distinction between these two variants is that they use different GPUs (ARM Mali-T760MP4 GPU and ARM Mali T860 GPU respectively). You may select the variant that best meets your requirements!

Easily expandable

With the board’s GPIOs, you may simply connect external peripherals such as sensors and actuators. This capability can also be used to add functionality to your existing products without the need to purchase extra hardware components or redesign them.


The RK 3588 is a microcontroller board that is compatible with Arduino. It works well for both amateurs and professionals. The RK 3588 family includes a variety of communications, robotics, IoT, and other applications. Electronics hobbyists can make one-of-a-kind products with the RK 3588 and Arduino’s extensive code library.

However, as design evolves and changing rapidly, it is difficult to predict which tools will be popular in the next years. So, using these technologies that can aid professions, such as Arduino, in achieving  extensive arduino code libraries.

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